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Cultural Tourism Zone /Duration: Full day
Lombok day tour and Experience a historical and cultural Journey of Lombok Villagers Daily Life
(We revive the Indigenous Sasak people way of life and its building elements and offer you tour to experience them)

• A historical tour of visiting a model of traditional Sasak Architectural design.
• A cultural tour of watching Peresean, Sasak traditional stick fighting martial arts.
• An experience of trying the process of weaving Sasak Traditional Clothing.
• Soft-tracking, a walk through the heart of villagers socio agricultural life.
• Silver Jewelers making and shopping.
We’re easily reached 10 minutes from the Lombok International Airport and 30 minutes from Mataram. We’re located in Ungga Village, Central Lombok.
The Inspiring life of Balog Sade has been a representative piece of Indigenous Sasak tribe way of life since the 16th century the rituals, costumes and local policies have been streaming down in the blood of his descendants. His figure and life stories somehow picture the ideological pattern of the life journey of what so called the genuine indigenous Sasak Tribe. During their survivals they developed the art of Architecture, culinary, clothing and martial arts.
We invite you to experience this historical socio cultural elements, arts and agricultural tourism that will last long in your memory.

Bale Tinggang
Visit one of the original models of indigenous Sasak housing Bali Tokol. A special house characterized by the directional pensioning of the house which should be built facing either south of north and the absence of central pillar to each of the side pillars, a number of ancient coins a planted, which a believed to keep the house strength.
During Balinese Colonial in the island, the front yard of the house is protected by the use of clothe drying strings, which the indigenous people believe could weaken the magical power of Anak Agung troupes so they won’t be enter the house is a wind signage, built from a strong bamboo tree. On the roof top, crossed bamboo  symbolize protection from evil from surrounding the house. These are a few of a lot other local wisdoms which our guide can tell you when you are visit the models this indigenous Sasak housing.


Lombok traditionsl house

the old women and woven

The oldest women and woven

Traditional House

Traditional weaving village

Traditional weaving village

The Craft Weaving Bebasak
You are invited to try the traditioanal weaving process of guide by our friendly Local English speaking villager. You can also check and purchase our collections of various traditional weaving products with reasonable prices.
Along with its history, Sasak indigenous people also developed the art of Bebasak Weaving, a plain white clothe existed long before people in the island developed colored clothed weaving. This piece of clothed is made of the unprocessed raw yarn, woven by hands, and sun dried cleaned, not washed. Worn as daily clothing by indigenous people this clothe kept developing, after the people invented a technique of strengthening the clothe by boiling the thread with rice before the process of weaving, Bebasak then can be washed rather than just dry cleaner.


PERESEAN / Stick fighting
Witness, or try if you dare the traditional stick fighting combining skills of power, speed, endurance and pain resistance in which two males fight using a rattan as a weapon to hit their opponent and rectangular shield made of deer skin or cow skin (Sasak, Ende) as a protector, this fighting tradition originated as a practice of using swords for the soldiers, besides, the game used to be played during draught season. It is believed that when a fighter drips blood, the land for the Sasak tribe in habiting our old ungge village, this artist highly practiced. Until present times the older teach these skills to the young to keep it alive. We offer you the experience of watching our best fighters from a comfortable viewing position while learning about this art from our experienced guides. You are also welcome to try it!


the mens with stick fighting

Attraction stick fighting

Traditional stick fighting

Stick fighting Stick fighting Stick fighting

All the stories above take place in the humble natural environment of central Lombok plain. We offer the excitement through of journey to experience  villagers daily life by walking across the rice fields. Through the walk, our friendly local guide will take you explore the local wisdoms in every facets of Lombok Farmer’s life. We can see local planting and harvesting rice, plowing fields with the buffalo, tending livestock and reaping labors of local plantations. More than that you will be offered to join the kid playing in the rice fields while catching eels they will bring home for their mother to cook for dinner. This tour isn’t just an adventure, but also a cultural sociological, ecological, culinary and learning experience designed to show visitors the real Lombok They want to see.


Yellow green  rice terrace

 Rice terrace Lombok

Children in the wedding ceremony

Rice terrace Rice terrace Wedding ceremony

Tours included:

- Full AC car & driver

- Experience tour guide

- Extra Insurance

- Lunch at Local Restaurant

- Entrance fee to the object

- Parking fee

- Tax and Service charge.


Further information, Kindly please do contact me at: +62 (0)817362322 /+62 (0)81907298351 - feel free to send me email to make tour booking at:


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